O the violet flame! We shall sing its praises unto the sun. For we have invoked the violet flame, and the best is yet to come!



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     The violet flame is the original fountain of youth. Invoked in the ancient mystery schools and temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, it comes to the fore once again to assist mankind and overturn negative prophecies.

     The violet flame bestows a wide array of personal and planetary benefits. It dissolves the negative energy that is trapped within the atomic structure, so we can transmute spiritual and physical pollution, draw near to our higher self and be free to fulfill our life's purpose.

Learn how to invoke the violet flame for personal and planetary change and experience the benefits! With the help of the violet flame, you can balance your karma, make the most of your life and ascend back to God.

     This is a beautiful and very unique inspirational book. It shows us how we can draw upon our innate divine potential to transform our lives and heal the world. Profound teachings on the miracle violet flame, the ascended master Saint Germain and the science of mantra makes this the perfect handbook for the Age of Aquarius. Highly recommended!"
-Marius Michael George, visionary artist

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
God’s Seventh Ray

Chapter 2
The Gift of the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame in our Four Lower Bodies

Chapter 4
Life-Changing Personal Benefits

Chapter 5
Healing the Planet

Chapter 6
Invoking the Violet Flame

Chapter 7
Violet Flame Mantras



Read the Preface

      A time comes when each individual departs from the body for the last time. Even though most don't remember, we actually leave our body at night while we sleep. On this final soul flight, all earthly accoutrements fall behind, our moorings in time and space, and all that has tethered us to the physical plane of existence and consciousness. We rise into the light and are greeted by loved ones, masters and angels. We move from sphere to sphere in higher consciousness, as veil upon veil of mayic density is drawn behind us. We reach the etheric temples where heavenly masters train souls in the art of becoming the fullness of their God potential. There, we are shown the violet flame.
     “The violet flame is the most helpful tool,” the master tells us. “When you call forth God's violet flame, the holy spirit descends upon you, to cleanse you until you are made whole again, faithful to the divine image and pattern in which you were created.
     “By free will you descended into lower planes of consciousness. Alas, you forgot your divine birthright. And though you received the mandate to be fruitful, to multiply and rule the earth, your fruits are not meet for repentance. Your creations deviate from the image and likeness of God, which is, first and foremost—love.
     “You mistakenly used the divine energy animating your life to create imperfect forms, spun of selfish thoughts, feelings and actions. These negative choices must now be forsaken and transmuted by you, so you can be free. The divine energy, trapped in lesser matrices, must be purified and released into pristine patterns once again, so your soul can be redeemed.
     “The violet flame is God's precious gift of mercy and forgiveness unto you. Do not neglect it, for it comes to consume negative patterns, to free you from binding karmic entanglements, and to perform the most sacred work of tikkun.”
     We watch closely as priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek, in solemn joy, invoke the healing action of the violet ray and amplify its action through a magnificent altar of amethyst crystal, that reverberates the light and sound.
     Now the divine Word rings forth, penetrating spirit and matter: “He is like a refiner's fire and He shall purify.”
    The violet flame intensifies as it descends from higher planes of consciousness in a mighty tangible shaft of billowing, comforting, scintillating light. As the beauty of the light increases, the voice of God echoes: “Comfort ye my people. Your iniquity is
pardoned. The crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain.

     Row upon row, souls gather in earnest, to repeat the divine invocation. These are the humble ones, the hopeful ones, the repenting ones who, though out of embodiment, have retained full individuality and consciousness, and awakened to their spiritual responsibility.
     Together, we watch as the seventh ray action of the Holy Spirit intensifies in the center of the circle and descends into the physical plane, boring a hole into the mayic density of time and space, Kal-Desh. The violet flame, we are told, is the divine light closest to the physical plane, and we watch as it penetrates veil upon veil, majestically descends from heaven's highest heights to sublimate the grossest levels of the earth. The divine intent rings clear. “Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill made low, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.
    “Why is that?” we ask with inquisitive contemplation.
     “God has decided to save the earth, and the answer is the violet flame. When people in physical embodiment call forth the violet flame, a tremendous spiritual acceleration takes place. Impeding karma is balanced much more quickly, ushering souls unto their ascension in the light.
     “These blessed ones have heard the word of our beloved Saint Germain. They have taken his message to heart. They are pioneers of the Aquarian Age, and forerunners of a golden age to come. They carry the torch of freedom, the lamp of Mother Liberty, truly a violet light that sets all captives free.”
     “Send us back,” we answer with steadfast determination. “Send us back that we too might invoke the violet light, making all things right. Give us a new body we pray, so we can witness unto Saint Germain. Help us take our place on Earth's stage, so we too might be wayshowers of the Aquarian Age.
    The master smiles. A flash of violet flame floods his auric field, reveling the fresh and delicate scent of violets in spring. His eyes gently twinkle.
     “This you shall,” he replies, and his voice thunders with divine authority. “Unlike these souls, who are your brethren, you are the more fortunate ones. You still have a physical body, beloved Sons and Daughters of God, and a new day of opportunity awaits your overcoming.
     “On the morrow, as you awaken refreshed from this retreat experience, you will stretch your body and ponder our encounter as an ineffable soul memory.
      “Go find me then, and the violet flame. Won't you, for heaven's sake, make the most of your opportunity, that you might—and all earth—soon ascend?”