O the violet flame! We shall sing its praises unto the sun. For we have invoked the violet flame, and the best is yet to come!



Violet Flame Mantras
for Personal and Planetary Transmutation


The power of the spoken word

     Mantras have a mystical power to them. They invoke the power and spirit of your innate divinity, the power of God that resides within you, as well as above you. Mantras are spoken out loud and release the power of the Word through the throat chakra. That is because the Word is the original divine essence. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God, says the Gospel of John. "You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And light will shine on your ways," says the book of Job.

     In the East, the Vedas affirm the same principle. "Prajapatir vai idam asit: In the beginning was Brahman. Tasya vag dvitya asit: with whom was the Vach or the Word... Vag vai paramam Brahma: and the word is Brahman." Vach, in Sanskrit, means sound, voice, word, the mystic sound (svara) or essence of spirit of the divine creative activity.

     Every time you speak a mantra, prayer or decree out loud, you are drawing upon Vach so that God can act in your life in an expedient way. Whenever possible, couple the action of the spoken word with visualization. "See" in your mind's eye what you are saying. This activates your third eye chakra and accelerates your spiritual work even more. Then, infuse your words with love, and feel a burning love expanding in your heart chakra. Love is God, and God is love. When you love, you are God in action and God's energy fulfills itself through you to work miracles in your life.
     Decide what you will and it shall be done, so long as it is in keeping with the divine plan and will of God for your life, and fulfills a purpose that has honor, integrity, truth and compassion.

Invoking the violet flame

     We lovingly speak and "see" mantras, affirmations, decrees and fiats to invoke the violet flame. Many violet flame mantras, affirmations, discourses, and decrees have been given over the years through organizations like the I AM Movement, The Bridge to Freedom and The Summit Lighthouse. They are available to you in books and decree sheets that you can order on our product page.

Be creative

     You can also be creative! Remember that whenever you invoke the violet flame in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, the possibilities are endless. I AM THAT I AM is the primordial name of God, written in our innermost parts. It was the name God gave to Moses in the burning bush and it corresponds to the Eastern Om Tat Sat Om. You can always begin with this beautiful invocation, "In the name of the Christ Self and in the name of the living God, I call forth the energies of the sacred fire from the altar within my heart."

Multiply the flame

     You can multiply the effectiveness of your violet flame invocations by giving these mantras out loud for fifteen minutes at a time. If you would like to join others in giving violet flame, visit our blogtalk radio violet flame broadcast. We invoke fifteeen minutes of violet flame mantras and visualizations each night. egments are archived and can be played throughout the day.

Establish a momentum

     To experience a significant benefits in your life, invoke fifteen minutes of violet flame for forty days. Mark your calendar. Write down the specific issues that you would like to see resolved and visualize the violet flame going through these issues. Then give your decrees. Surrender your problems to the violet flame. Invoke God's will for your life and see what miracles will transpire.

Invite the violet flame angels into your life today

     Below are some beautiful violet flame mantras and affirmations created just for you. Give them in a loud voice with authority as a fiat. Repeat them in an accelerating decree spiral. Set them to music and sing and dance to their rhythm.

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Violet Flame Mantras

Let there be light!
And let that light be the violet light O God!

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.
Earth is a planet of violet fire
Earth is the purity God desires.

In the name Saint Germain,
laze and expand now the violet flame!

With the knowledge and blessings of
God that I AM
I invoke cosmic energy for the freedom of man.

I’m calling for an ocean of violet flame
To transmute fear and error, and all sense of shame.

With Saint Germain I transmute
Human drudgery and dross
By the miraculous blessings of his maltese cross.

Charge! Charge! Charge!
And let victory be proclaimed!
As we fight the fight for freedom
In the name of Saint Germain.

O world awake!
Your dusty selves now shake!
Purify and rectify
New ways of thought to make.
(from the book, Ashram Notes by Mark Prophet)

I stand for love, I stand for life,
With violet flame to end all strife.

Save the world with violet flame
By the power of the three times three.
This waltzing, spinning energy
Will set all life now free.

"Breath of God inside each cell, I AM the violet flame.
Searching out all hidden pain I AM the violet flame."
Each time I give this mantra, I know I’m blessing too
The souls in South America,
Whose hearts beat love so true.

Dissolve those bombs, their cause and core,
Let them now be no more.
With violet flame all war can cease,
From age-old hatreds bring surcease.

O violet flame of freedom,
Thou radiant fountain of youth,
Charge now my four lower bodies
With the beauty of spiritual truth.

O atoms, cells, electrons,
Within this form of mine,
Let violet flame pass through me,
Its essence most sublime.

I AM the violet flame, blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power freeing everyone.
(from the decree I AM the Violet Flame published by The Summit Lighthouse)

I AM the mighty electronic energy
Flowing through, filling and renewing

Every cell of my mind andbody, right now.
I AM the cleansing process
Always active in my heart and mind and body,
Consuming all imperfection and revealing the purity I AM.

My breath is the great love breath
From out the Great Central Sun.
My heart is God's heart, the very center of divine love,
And its light fills me now!
(from the book, I AM Adorations and Affirmations Part 1, I AM Decrees Part 2)

Expand God’s freedom in my heart today
elp me love and forgive on my I AM way.

Light Set me free! Light set me free! Light set me free!
And c
harge my aura now with violet, purple, pink!

Beloved I AM Presence bright
Round me seal your tube of light.
Keep me faithful, true each day
As I step forth with violet ray.

Aquarius is the age of the violet flame
That we invoke in God’s own name.
Aquarius is the age of the violet flame
That we sustain in God’s own name.
Aquarius is the age of the violet flame
that we expand in God’s own name.

To dismiss discord
To the wave on the ocean of human emotion
It's nothing, it's nothing at all;
It comes like a flicker
And goes away quicker
When I on my God-self do call.
It is only a cloud
But I say out loud
I AM the sun! Don't you see?
When I blaze the light!
You fade from sight!
The light yields all things to me.
(from the book, I AM Adorations and Affirmations Part 1, I AM Decrees Part 2)

Unite all nations in the cause of peace,
In liberty’s name give full release!

Ascended masters now walk with men!
Let elementals, angels serve with them.

I forgive all life and all life forgives me,
y violet flame power of the three times three!

Saint Germain, hurl your miracle pouch into the earth!
Saint Germain, hurl your miracle pouch into my life!
Saint Germain, hurl your miracle pouch to end all strife!

Let the violet flame now arise and sing,
In my heart of hearts, its gifts to bring.

Make my aura bright with violet light
And my soul rejoice in perfection.
Mercy, forgiveness, freedom and grace
For my life is God’s lovely intention.

Showers of violet rain I invoke
Seven oceans of violet waves,
When I visualize the earth in this miracle light
Dark impurities will vanish away.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!
Expand, expand, expand!
Forevermore I AM Freedom!
(from the decree Mighty Cosmic Light published by The Summit Lighthouse)

Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
Round the world to make all whole;
Saturate the earth and its people, too,
With increasing Christ-radiance shining through.
I AM this action from God above,
Sustained by the hand of heaven’s Love,
Transmuting the causes of discord here,
Removing the cores so that none do fear.

(from the decree More Violet Fire published by The Summit Lighthouse)


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