O the violet flame! We shall sing its praises unto the sun. For we have invoked the violet flame, and the best is yet to come!



Violet Flame Testimonials

     One time I was in the woods and felt a flu coming on. I had all the symptoms. I had no recourse to any remedies or help I might normally have available. So I made intense calls for the complete consuming of the illness gave VERY intense violet flame, with full concentration, visualization and great determination for about twenty or more minutes. When I stopped, I felt better, and within about an hour the flu was gone.
Joyce Cleland

      When I was at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills not too far from Malibu, in my early twenties, I took note that one of the senior nurses who worked with me had a certain brightness or light in her eyes, a certain youthfulness about her, and was very fun to be around. She also had very beautiful skin. With out me saying anything about what I noticed, out of the blue, she told me that her secret for beautiful skin was the application (both internal and internal) of the Violet Flame! I took note.
Holly Hansard

     I have been using the violet flame for many years. When I was a child a caregiver abused me verbally, emotionally, physically and even sexually. After five years of non-traditional therapy, I had received significant healing on the issue, but I could still feel a part of me not letting go of this experience.
     After I learned about the violet flame and started using it and other decree affirmations, I noticed, after three months, a shift where I was able to completely let go of this experience. I also have used the violet flame to help me in my work. At one point, I was hired as a produce manager for a health food store. I enjoyed this job and would go into work at 4:00 am and give violet flame mantras and decrees in the produce department for one and a half hours before beginning my work day. The store had had a history of declining sales and margin problems, but after I started decreeing the sales begin skyrocketing in produce. The owner even asked me what I was doing!
Jason Cumming

     Many years ago when I was probably at my lowest point in life and into some very destructive habits, I found out about the violet flame I decided it was time to stop my addictions to alcohol and nicotine and the lifestyle associated with it, which wasn't easy. I managed to stop drinking which was half the battle won, or so I thought. I had quit smoking "cold turkey" a couple of times before, yet had always fallen back into the habit and this was the hardest addiction for me to overcome. I loved the Violet Flame decrees and started saying and singing them daily. Almost immediately I noticed that, without a lot of effort or will power, I was able to smoke less and less and every time that I did smoke I felt filthy. I went from two packs a day to one cigarette a day until one day I suddenly realised that I hadn't smoked for days and I haven't since.
     I know I couldn't have done this so effortlessly without the Violet Flame's cleansing action and it was a joyful experiment and such a liberating experience!
Ellen Koning

     In November of 1988 I read a book about the science of the spoken word and how violet flame mantras and decrees can heal body, mind and soul. Not one to sidestep a challenge, I decided to try a simple mantra to see if it would have any effect: “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.”
     I began slowly but after a little while I found the words rolling off my tongue in a sing-song fashion and at quite a swift pace. Even though my days were packed with a full-time job and two part-time ones, I was able to fit this new routine into my schedule for about 20 – 30 minutes while driving to work.
     After about six weeks, people noticed something about me had changed. During the same week, I had about five or six friends and colleagues ask me what was different. One suggested my hair was longer while another asked if I had cut my hair. A third thought I had lost weight while someone else thought I was looking healthier because I had gained some weight. Yet another asked if I had started wearing glasses.
     Needless to say, the only thing that had changed in my life was that I had added 20 minutes of violet flame to my day. After the confluence of comments, I figured there must be something to this spiritual technique so I upped my daily offering to 45 minutes, then 90 and even more over the past 20+ years. In this time I have overcome asthma, a lifelong digestion problem and who knows what other illnesses that have been averted. Some people don’t leave home without their American Express card; I don’t leave home without my violet flame!

Karleen McSherry

     My family and I feel a strong connection with the Union and the Civil War. One evening, I was doing violet flame decrees when I had a vision of the violet flame transmuting the battle of Shiloh, one of the bloodiest in the war. Seven thousand American soldiers died, and more than 20,000 were wounded in two days' time. I was focusing on the decrees when suddenly a picture formed in front of me. I saw a civil war battle field that I thought was Shiloh at the end of the first day of fighting, when both sides had pulled their lines back for the night.
     A light bleak rain was falling, causing the campfires to smoke, adding to the smoke of the day’s fighting.This smoke hung low over a field terrible to behold. Dead, dying, wounded and exhausted men lay everywhere. I held my breath and beheld this scene and its pain.
     Then, falling with the rain, came violet sparkles of light. The rain gradually changed until it became a violet-flame downpour that eddied in pools around the bodies nearest to me. And then the real beauty began. The violet light entered the hearts of the dead, who were all gray looking, and began to pulse out from there. From the deepest levels within their bodies, the violet light radiated out until the soldiers became violet, then pink, and finally alive! Each soldier was surrounded by hundreds of angels and elemental beings who breathed the violet flame into him. Wounded soldiers had the violet flame run over their wounds until they were sealed up and healed. As the soldiers were either healed or raised up from the dead, they turned to help the heavenly beings bring others near them to life.
     I saw one group of Confederate soldiers come alive and then help a Union drummer boy who had fallen in their midst. With great tenderness, they lifted him and his banner of the Union to their shoulders and paraded him around the field. Thousands of men, bathed in violet flame, just rolled out of death, stood up and hugged their fellowman, regardless of uniform. I felt such infinite bliss as I watched this joyful vision spread across the entire battlefield, thousands of lightbearers rejoicing, thoroughly removed from the pain of the past and in an awakened Union at last.
     The vision expanded as if I was moving upward, so I could see for miles around the battlefield. Angels were bringing fathers, wives and family members who had suffered the loss of these brave men to this grand reunion. From Shiloh, the violet flame swept over the other battlefields, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Antietam. It went battlefield after battlefield and ever outward until I was looking down on North America and seeing the United States blazing like a violet jewel on the planet.
     Later, I came to realize that this vision took place on the anniversary of the Battle at Shiloh.

Paula Kennedy

     I use the violet flame to purify all viruses and bacteria out of my body daily. If I truly blaze the light through with powerful visualization, I never get sick. I also have had great success using the violet flame to heal me of painful situations like heartache. It never fails to pull me out of it. It may take a week but after great devotion to the violet flame I have transmuted some deep pain and my heart is free again. I will say that it does take a bit of time to really create a momentum with the violet fire. One must use it consistently, with fervor and strong visualization practice until you really are saturated in it and you know it.
Robin Zdravkovic

     In the late 70’s, I was driving a pop-up camper south from Seattle to San Francisco on a narrow canyon road. It was a vacation rental. The drive was beautiful and I was busily meditating in my heart with the violet flame. I had an intense rolling momentum coming through my heart into the spoken words “I am the violet flame."
All of a sudden, as I went around a curve, for no visible reason, the van careened out of control, lifting and twisting. I was going to end up in the traffic lane in the opposite direction—probably on my head to boot. Then, just as quickly, I felt the wheels on solid ground standing still. I was badly shaken, my glasses had flown off and I had to find them—they ended up under the seat next to the door. A man came up to me to see that I was okay. He helped me and said he was amazed. He and his wife had seen the van flying through the air, and they were sure it was going to roll over the middle rocks and end up in the northbound lane. Then, just as quickly it righted itself, sided up near the canyon wall and stopped—facing south. Wearing my glasses again, I inspected the van for damage. Incredibly, a cracked brake light was all I could find. There wasn't a scratch on the van, which was fairly new. What a victory for me and for the violet flame!
Wendy Rawlings

In 1995, I was visiting with my friend’s aunt who was very stressed. She had to move back into her apartment, which was being rented by someone else. Her tenant did not want to leave and the contract had not expired yet. I explained to my friend’s aunt that the violet flame always brings a divine solution to challenging situations and told her to start using the violet flame and a solution would be forthcoming. Two weeks later, I ran into this person again and she told me what had happened! The tenant fell in love with the waitress that worked at the restaurant on the ground floor of the apartment building, and they were going to marry very soon and move to the countryside where his family lived! They did get married and my friend's aunt got her apartment back in time. I love the violet flame!
Maria Teresa Moras

I have been familiar with violet flame spoken prayers for almost 25 years. I discovered that the way you give violet flame makes all the difference. If I am in a generally happy mood, the decrees have a gigantic effect. Things really change for the better in my life, and I change too. If I feel bad and need help, I have to make an extra effort to become focused and one-pointed, and then the spoken prayers really help me to get out of a negative mood. Believe me, when you concentrate on these decress, you will start feeling better and then you can give your violet flame mantras to help others and even the world. Doing mantras with others can multiply the happiness and the effects, but what you bring of yourself is always the biggest and best offering.
Victoria Osborne

     I have been a psychotherapist and dance-movement therapist for 30 years. My job is to help people heal and find new freedom in life. Of all of the tools that I have encountered, I have found that using the violet light helps us to make by far the quickest progress.
      My very first experience with using the violet flame as a personal alchemy was the change in my monthly menses. (Sorry guys.) Up until that point, every month, along with feeling like a pressure cooker getting ready to explode,I was dealing with a low grade depression. The professionals call this dysthymia. Once I started using violet light visualizations, saying mantras and putting my attention and interest on Saint Germain, poof! the problem was gone, and I mean poof!
    Over the years, using the violet flame has deepened my relationship with ascended friends like Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary and Shiva. The violet light is like an umbilical cord to their being, and through it, they help you clean up your higher spiritual body, emotional body, mental body and physical body With this light wash, you feel a sense of freedom and a connection that brings you happiness, and a sense of purpose and worthiness. I wish you peace and God-speed in your personal alchemies with the violet flame.
Molly Valerio


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